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The World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report (2020 STM) is the research result of the “Research on the Comprehensive Evaluation Method of World Science & Technology Journal Impact” commissioned by the China Association for Science and Technology. This project aims to establish a new journal evaluation system and explore a global-oriented journal impact evaluation method on scientific, comprehensive and reasonable basis, with a view to contributing Chinese wisdom and Chinese solutions in the field of academic evaluation and promoting the fair evaluation and equal use of sci-tech journals worldwide.

The WJCI Report (2020 STM) determines the proportion of source journals in each country/region from four dimensions: R&D input, output of research papers, number of researchers, and the scale and level of journals. This report selects about 15,000 high-level journals representative of the region, discipline and industry as source journals from 63,000 or more active sci-tech academic journals worldwide. On the basis of thorough research on the journal classification systems of different citation databases, our research group creates a novel journal classification system that contains 5 Level-1 categories, 45 Level-2 categories and 279 Level-3 categories. This novel system comprehensively covers all sci-tech fields and reflects the development of emerging and cross-disciplinary disciplines, following the general outline of the Classification and Code Disciplines of the People’s Republic of China , with reference to the Chinese Library Classification and Disciplinary Classification for Degree Granting and Talent Training, etc. The project has also established the World Citation Database 2019, under the support of CrossRef and Digital Science, for calculating indexes and obtained the downloads on CNKI, Wanfang and Altmetric. Furthermore, a new journal impact evaluation index that integrates citation and web usage—World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) is formulated.

Based on peer review and feedback during the publicity period, we have adjusted the discipline of some journals and these journals’ WJCI values have also changed accordingly. The final results are now released. If you have any comments and suggestions on this project, please send us a message by clicking "Feedback". Thank you for your attention and participation!

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